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"I participated in the 12-week ReNEWU program offered by Marie Hayden and had amazing results with weight loss, energy levels, cravings are gone… the biggest change for me was my osteoarthritis. It's almost completely gone! The balance between exercise and healthy, clean eating has changed my life!"
An McMeeking-Walsh
"Having Marie Hayden as my Health Coach has been instrumental in walking my path back to healthy, hormone balanced and happy! At 41 I had been struggling to find balance with my weight, my moods and my energy after having a baby at 38 and a hysterectomy at 40… I was struggling and it was impacting all aspects of my life. I would have small successes on my own which were short lived and it wasn’t until Marie’s compassionate support establishing my journey of intermittent fasting and eating to support my hormone health that I was able to uncover a happier, slimmer version of myself! Marie has brought a totally new level of health & wellness to my life with her comprehensive knowledge about food, the body’s responses and what my body needed to feel better. Having her walk this journey with me has supported my successes in ways I could not have thought possible in this short time frame. I am 9 weeks into intermittent fasting, 15lbs down and 4 pant sizes smaller! I am full of energy, eating lots of wonderful food and I have never felt deprived as I continue to embrace this new lifestyle change. My Naturopath is thrilled at the changes having Marie as my Health Coach has brought to the table and I look forward to our weekly coaching sessions as I am no longer alone with her continued support!"
MP – Vernon BC
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Marie's Journey to health

As a child, I was sick more often than not. Eventually, I received an official diagnosis of bronchitis. At 11 years old, my tonsils became so inflamed that they had to operate and remove them to free up my obstructed throat.  Shortly after the surgery, my bronchitis symptoms resumed and even inflamed tissue started to grow back where my tonsils used to be. Throughout my teen years it became normal to experience days of constipation, bloating and cramping. This occurred simultaneously with chronic bronchial infections, pneumonia and ear infections. Doctors continually wrote prescriptions for antibiotics but I was eventually told, “There are no more antibiotics I can give you.”

Leaving the doctor’s office in a perplexed state, I began looking in to other options for medical care. Clearly there had to be good reasons for why my health had suffered for all these years.

I went to see an allergist who determined dairy to be the main culprit for my negative symptoms. At the time, it was difficult to understand the word ‘allergy’, and it was easier to listen to the people around me who would say, “oh, so you are lactose intolerant? You take those Lactaid pills, right?”

I listened even though it did not improve my health. I also developed chronic fatigue and started going to bed around 8pm and sleeping for 12 hours solid every night.

Sounds dreamy right?

Not as a young adult. Energy levels should ideally be high! In addition, constipation was still increasing so I started to see a chiropractor to aid in getting my bowels moving.

Fast forward to my next major bronchial infection –– I finally booked my first naturopathic doctor’s appointment. I explained my history and mentioned my recent diagnoses of being allergic to dairy.

The naturopath asked, “Are you still eating dairy?”

Marie responded with, “Yes, I just take Lactaid now.”

The naturopath carefully explained what dairy was doing to my immune system and advised me to immediately stop the consumption of all dairy products. In addition, I was recommended to be thoroughly tested for more food allergies. Visiting a naturopathic doctor was life changing. I was finally finding answers to help boost my immune system and stay off dairy for good.

Two days after leaving the Naturopath, I felt amazing. This however was accompanied with some terrifying questions: What do I eat? How do I give up the foods that make up the majority of my diet? Yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, ice cream, cheese…

The craving for ice cream was so unbearable that I would pick up a litre of ice cream and consume the whole litre at once. The hours that followed would include gut wrenching pain and flu like symptoms. This pattern continued while I waited to see an allergy specialist. I ended up having to wait for 2 years. During this time, I travelled abroad and continued to  struggle with chronic fatigue and new symptoms of muscle pain. My determination and will power was the only thing that kept me trying to stay away from dairy.

After travelling abroad, I finally saw an allergist and was told to immediately remove an abundance of foods from my diet: dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, beef, chicken, pork, shellfish, strawberries and peanuts.

Wow. That was shocking and frightening news.

“You can’t be serious…how do you live?”

“Everything in moderation, right?”

“A little bit should be okay.”

My own thoughts and other people’s comments were endless. 

It was challenging to remove all the foods I was allergic to.  The thing that motivated me the most, was the fact that I had not been prescribed an antibiotic since my first naturopathic visit.  This validated that I was on the right path.  All I had to do was keep going!

I was recommended to book an appointment with a dietician to help plan out my diet with so many restrictions.  The appointment turned out to be useless because the dietician had never come across such a long list of restrictions and was just as confused as I was.  The Canadian Food Guide was not designed for people like myself.  It started to become humorous that most people did not know how to deal with food restrictions.

The chronic fatigue, the muscle pain, the irregular bowel function, the sickness, mucous and infections, it all left… for good.

It could be considered a miracle, but in my case, it was as simple as eliminating food allergies, healing the digestive system and learning about naturopathic healing.

Let me guide you through my discoveries as you browse through this website. It’s time for you to become empowered and achieve balance… with your body, mind & soul!

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