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the Beginning

Hayden Fitness came to life in Marie’s basement in 2007. Her client base grew exponentially and she relocated out of her home to rent a studio in  2010… In 2014, she purchased her first studio. In 2017 Pilates Reformers were introduced with outstanding success.  Currently Marie operates a studio in Vernon B.C. under the name: Bliss Pilates, and she has moved her work online to provide programs that empower you to achieve balance using pilates and holistic nutrition.

Meet Marie Hayden

Marie’s journey through fitness started with her love for athletics as a youth. After her sports activities began to slow down the weight gain began… assisted by a few too many scoops of ice cream and orders of fries with gravy.

After always being fit, Marie took a keen interest in weight training to help shed those unwanted pounds. Marie continued to be passionate about fitness and utilized her skills to assist others along the way. Naturopathic healing helped her continued digestion issues such as bloating, pain, exhaustion, irritability and gas.  The final diagnosis was multiple food intolerances and allergies. After years of misdiagnosis, eliminating her food intolerances helped to significantly boost her energy levels and get her back on track. 

Two pregnancies 15 months apart put a bump in the road. Unlike most fitness enthusiasts, Marie was unable to exercise due to extreme low back pain and other complications. Frustrated by the common myths that she would lose weight “after delivering,” “while breastfeeding,” “after the first year,” Marie took control of the situation with multiple conferences and workshops that allowed her to reshape her body and then eagerly began to help others who faced similar challenges.

During her postpartum journey she did rehab with Concept Physio and Pilates Connection in Vernon B.C.  This started an amazing blend of Pilates Reformers and Physiotherapy. Today she not only brings her wealth of knowledge in strength training but also in her love of Mat & Reformer Pilates.  Wherever you are in your Journey, Marie brings you over 25 years of health and wellness experience.

Marie has also experienced Hormonal Imbalance and Hypothyroidism which inspired her to create the ReNEWU Health Transformation Program.

Marie looks forward to assisting others to open their eyes to a holistic approach to wellness.


  • Human Kinetics (1992)
  • Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Nutrition Wellness with a Focus on Hormonal Balance
  • BCRPA Personal Trainer
  • Pilates Reformer Beginner/Intermediate
  • Yoga (Restorative)
  • TRX
  • CORE Resist a Ball Level I, and II
  • Pilates on the Mat & Pilates With Props
  • Bender Ball Posture and Body Balance
  • Lebarre
  • HITT
  • Tabata
  • Pre/Post Natal Strength
  • CORE Training for Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Posture and Exercise
  • Training for Delivery
  • Wired and Tired Prenatal
  • Fitness for Fertility
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Weight Loss after Pregnancy
  • Strengthening the Pelvic Floor
  • Pilates & Yoga
  • Pelvic Floor Pfilates
  • Post Partum Corrective Exercise Specialist Program
  • BCRPA Third Age (50+)
  • Active Ageing Certification
  • Menopause and Fitness
  • Osteofit
  • Pilates & Yoga
  • Shoulder and Pelvic Floor Workshop from Level 1 Franklin Method Instructor

Marie's Journey To Health

As a child growing up Marie was sick a lot with what would be diagnosed as bronchitis. At about 11 years of age her tonsils had become so inflamed that they had to operate and remove her tonsils to free up her obstructed throat.  Shortly after her symptoms resumed and even her tonsils started to grow back with inflamed tissue. Throughout her teen years it was not unusual for Marie to experience days of constipation followed with bloating and cramping. This would be alongside the reoccurring bronchial infections which grew into pneumonia and ear infections as well. The Dr would always write prescriptions for antibiotics however towards her later teens she was told, “There are no more antibiotics I can give you.”

Leaving the Dr’s office perplexed and confused Marie began looking in to other options for medical care. Clearly there had to be reasons for feeling the way she had for all these years.

Marie went to see an allergist who determined dairy to be the main culprit for her history. But being young, Marie didn’t quite understand the word allergy and proceeded to listen to those around her who would say “oh, so you are lactose intolerant? So you take those lactaid pills, right?”

Marie listened even though it did not improve her health. By this time, Marie was also experiencing chronic fatigue. She would go to bed at about 8pm and sleep for about 12 hours solid.

Sounds dreamy right?

Well not at this life-stage where energy should have been high. In addition, her days of constipation were increasing so she started to see a Chiropractor to aid in getting her bowels moving.

Fast forward to her next major bronchial infection and Marie booked her first Naturopathic Dr’s appointment. She explained her history and mentioned her recent diagnoses of being allergic to dairy. Then she was asked if she was still eating dairy. She responded with “Yes I just take lactaid now.” The Naturopath carefully explained what the dairy was doing to her immune system and advise her to immediately stop the consumption of dairy products. In addition she was to look into further food allergies as well. Leaving the Naturopath was life changing. She was on a remedy to boost her immune system and to stay off dairy for good. Two days after leaving the Naturopath, Marie felt amazing. This however was not an easy journey to give up the foods that were the mainstay of her diet. Foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, ice cream and cheese. What would she eat?

Months would pass and the craving for ice cream would be so unbearable that Marie would pick up a litre of ice cream and consume the whole litre in a sitting. Then the hours that followed would be gut wrenching pain and flu like symptoms. This pattern continued for a while until Marie waited to see an allergist through another GP Dr . She would be on a waitlist for about 1.5-2years. During this time Marie would go travelling abroad still struggling with her need for sleep and now experiencing muscle aches. Marie’s determination kept her powering through and trying her best to stay away from dairy. Upon her return from travelling abroad for several years Marie would finally see the allergist and learn she was to remove an abundance of foods from her diet immediately. These included dairy, egg, soy, gluten. beef, chicken, pork, shellfish, strawberries and peanuts.

Wow that was quite a shocker. Again Marie was told to come off of these foods however this was not an easy task as most would question her as how this could be. She would face comments like “a little is all right though?” “Everything in moderation” “You can’t be serious…how do you live?” The comments were never ending however that aside as Marie began to refrain from consuming the foods that she was allergic too. This proved challenging at times however since that first Naturopathic visit Marie had not been on an antibiotic since.

Marie was instructed to see a Dietician due to the abundance of food allergies that had been detected. This proved to be a rather useless appointment as the Dietician had never come across such a list and was at quite a loss for what to tell Marie to eat according to the Canada Food Guide. By this time Marie had found things a lot more humorous as many did not know how to deal with the long list of restrictions. Marie also began to find an abundance of energy, became pain free and her bowels proved to be recovering. Marie took a keen interest in digestion, Naturopathic healing and his since worked with many clients to heal their guts and improve their health.

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Intermittent Fasting Disclaimer

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