Intermittent Fasting Journey

January 26, 2022

Hard to believe that just 31 days ago I was in a 48 hour fast after so much food from December 24th-December 26th. During my fast my husband and I began chatting about his carnivore journey. Over the last month or so I had increased my consumption of fish. My favs were Mahi Mahi, Salmon and Grouper. I had noticed changes in my skin and hair for sure. But I was still having digestion issues with the few veggies I was consuming…namely broccoli, asparagus, romaine, cucumber, onion, yams, sweet potato and Jicama. Meat has been a challenging over the last 20+ years as I was diagnosed intolerant to Beef, Pork, Chicken, Salmon, and Shellfish. I resorted to Lamb and Bison. Bison prices skyrocketted around 2007 so we had to cut back on our consumption. I could tolerate Turkey but it was really at the top of my favs….

Over the years I increased my training in Holistic Nutrition and became very intrigued by Veggies. Seeing as I was also intolerant to eggs and dairy all arrows were pointing to go VEGAN. So I began to reduce meat in our day to day cooking and increase vegan alternatives. Being that I am a purest I steered clear from pre-packaged or as I like to call “LAB FOOD PRODUCTS”. All of us in the family seemed fairly happy and healthy. I was eating clean and avoiding all allergens and intolerances. From about 2007-2021 my meat consumption was significantly reduced. As far as meat I had one steak in 2021 and felt ok which was of great surprise however this also coincided with embarking on Intermittent Fasting in March 2020. Clearly there had be some healing and shifts in my microbiome. Now that particular incident came about because some friends of ours didn’t know I could’t consume beef. Being that I had been intermittent fasting for quite some time I figured I would give it a go. Worse case I would fast after to let my body heal. Well honestly I never really thought about it again. I guess when you live without certain foods for so long it is just a long term habit.

So return to the present December 2021. I had been diving into the history of food as well as my recent discover of Metis Status. The Metis hunted Bison and consumed it head to tail. They also consumed Berries as they came across them and Bannock made of root vegetable …some say yam. What I found fascinating is that today bannock is made of wheat flour another intolerant no food for myself. Did you know the correlation between Wheat/Gluten intolerance in Aboriginals is extremely high. Never mind alcohol and sugar….I digress…So we are chatting about my history and I commit to the rest of December and for the month of January to Carnivore. For me this consisted of fish plus adding in pork and beef.( plus avocado and 90% chocolate) Around January 19-25 I ate so much red meat i finally held up the surrender flag. I was just done. I woke up tired, unmotivated and just plain ugh. I was making bone broth so I sipped on broth to see if I would feel different. Nothing, so I decided to have jicama and cucumber with my avocado. Delicious right but shortly there after I would bloat. I wasn’t super hungry and to my surprise I started a period. WHAAATTTT

Another tangent here….so the last few years have been noted at peri- menopause. Short explanation…the part where you have less and less eggs and your periods become less frequent. Ok so for myself I went without a period from June 2021-November 2021. Started to eat more meat December 24th at our Christmas Dinner and by January 10 I had a period. Now let me also explain that prior I would have a period for about 10-14 days. This period had no other symptoms like mood or bloating. In fact it was only five days and I felt awesome. Shut the front door …I have not had a period like that in years!!! Ok but here is the thing that is crazy. Not only do I recognize the hormonal shift but as I am typing I am currently having yet another period. Just 16 days. Sooooo more details to come on that later.

Ok back to the eating….so after the bloat I was a was feeling a bit hungry and my Ketones and Blood Sugar were great so I have yummy salmon and avocado… one of my favorites. Then that was it…The next morning I was up earlier and feeling back to my self. So where do I go from here… Well I am going to rotate meat and fish for the rest of the week. In addition I am going to have some almond flour today so I will report back on how I do for digestion there.

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