Marie Hayden

Marie Hayden is a health and wellness expert with over 30 years of experience in the field. As a Certified Pilates Instructor and Restorative Yoga instructor, Marie has dedicated her career to helping clients achieve optimal health and wellness through exercise, nutrition, and holistic practices.

In addition to her expertise in exercise and yoga, Marie is also skilled in holistic nutrition, meal planning, hormone balance, thyroid health, food intolerances, balancing sugar, and intermittent fasting. She understands the importance of a healthy diet and has created the ReNEWU Meal and Cookbooks, which are free from gluten, dairy, soy, and eggs. These books provide a variety of healthy and delicious recipes to help clients achieve their fitness goals while also enjoying their meals.

Marie’s commitment to providing clients with healthy and enjoyable meals is further evidenced by her additional e-books, including Grain-Free Treats, Salads, and Salad Dressings, among others. Her recipes are designed to cater to a variety of dietary needs and preferences, ensuring that everyone can enjoy nutritious and delicious meals.

With her extensive experience in exercise, nutrition, and holistic practices, Marie takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes in getting to know each client’s unique needs and preferences to create a personalized plan that helps them achieve their desired results in a safe and sustainable way.

Contact Marie today to learn more about her approach to health and wellness and begin your journey towards optimal health and wellbeing!

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