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On average, it takes 6-months to graduate from the program.  You will have a total of twenty 1-on-1 session with Marie plus your personal study, practice and observations.

You will receive a certificate issued by Marie Hayden.  Currently, there is no globally recognized standard for being a Mat Pilates Teacher.  Marie is aware of several organizations that offer similar training, and can share any information you need during the program to help you on your career.

You can complete all the “Theory” and “1-on-1 With Marie” completely online.  The “Student Experience” and “Observation” will require you to visit a local Pilates Studio.  You can choose the one closest to where you live.  The “Teaching Practical” can be completed by practicing on your friends and family.  

The Mat Pilates Teacher Training Textbook By Marie Hayden is published on Amazon.  Feel free to purchase and learn as much as possible!

Why Train With Marie?

Marie Hayden believes in empowering her instructors with her vast array of knowledge and experience. Her 30+ years in the fitness and wellness industry has led her to develop effective and practical ways of working with clients of all backgrounds and ages, including special populations like pre-postnatal, older adults, physiotherapists and alternative health practitioners.  Whether your clients are brand new to fitness or advanced, you will be able to design amazing lesson plans to retain your clients. Learning her client centered approach will help you meet clients where they are at and take them to where they want to be.

Marie Hayden’s endorsed instructors will be supported throughout their career. She will assist you with tips on creating a client base, client retention, as well as how to apply for a Pilates position. Marie Hayden’s supportive and knowledgeable approach will have you ready for a long-lasting career in the industry. You will have access to continued learning opportunities throughout your journey keeping you up to date on the latest education.

Mat Pilates Teacher Training Textbook

A 180 page textbook full of 80+ exercises with descriptions and reference photos. It also includes all the theory, history, principles, ethics, anatomy and terminology that you need to know. The last 24 pages is an interactive study guide to help you memorize the important information. Shorten the learning curve and jump-start your health and wellness career by learning from Marie’s 30+ years of personal training experience. PLUS, Learn valuable tips for starting your own business.

Program Outline


This 116-hour Mat Pilates Teacher Training course will prepare you to teach classes of all levels. It is the ideal first step to starting a career with Pilates.

Through 30 hours of Student Experience you will understand the mind muscle connection in each exercise, resulting in a more effective ability to teach.

20 hours of Teaching Practical will help you integrate Theory, Teacher Observation and Student Experience together so that you can practice using all these skills and build your own teaching style.

You will gain a deeper understanding of:

Upon completion of the program, you will be qualified to:


At least 20 hours of pilates experience in any form.

Theory Outline

Pilates was first invented for rehabilitation purposes in the 1920’s. Some of the first people treated by Pilates were soldiers returning from war.  Learning the roots of where pilates started helps us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Pilates and how it applies to our practice.

Pilates has its own set of terminology to help you and your students execute movements correctly and avoid injuries. There are terms for movement, movement directions, contraindications and special conditions. 

The anatomy: of the spine, skeleton and muscular system is an integral part to building a strong mind to muscle connection and understanding special contraindications/conditions in the body.

The spine is instrumental to the strength, support, flexibility, and range of movement our bodies possess. We learn the basics of anatomy to get a better grasp of the interconnectedness of the skeletal and muscular systems.  This helps us correct ourselves and our clients when practicing Pilates.

Breathing requires a combination of voluntary and involuntary muscle patterns that should be studied in order to fully facilitate a successful Pilates practice.  Learning about the respiratory system is an integral part to each exercise movement.

In Pilates determining exactly which muscles are working is key to the principle of precision. Any exercise in Pilates may “look like” another exercise learned in other modalities, but in fact, the preciseness and execution is what differentiates it from other exercise modalities.

Through the beginner exercises you will learn the proper spinal alignment and breathing technique that will build your foundation for the more complex intermediate movements.


1-on-1 With Marie

During all 20-hours of 1-hour 1-on-1 sessions with Marie, you will be able to ask any questions and get instant feedback about the exercises, proper technique and theory. Sessions will be organized with video chat [Zoom] or in-person depending on your location. You will have a direct line of communication to Marie that makes scheduling a breeze.

Session 1

– Review Expectations, Goals and Program Hours Log Book

– Pilates History Principles, Ethics and Scope of Practice

Session 2

– Pilates Anatomy Breath and Movement

– Warm Up Series

Session 3

– Pilates Anatomy Breath and Movement

– Supine Beginner

Session 4

– New Client Registration Form

– How To Create A Class Outline

– Beginner Leg Series

– Prepare a Sample Class Outline for 15-20 Minute Beginner Class

Session 5

– Present Sample Class Outline for 15-20 Minute Beginner Class

– Pilates Anatomy Breath and Movement

– Beginner Prone Series

Session 6

– Pilates Anatomy Breath and Movement Review

– Beginner Quadruped

– Prepare a Sample Class Outline for 30-minute Beginner Class

Session 7

– Present Sample Class Outline for 30-minute Beginner Class

– Pilates Anatomy Breath and Movement Review

– Transitional Exercises

Session 8

– Pilates Anatomy Breath and Movement Review

– Beginner Combo Exercises

– Prepare a Sample Class Outline for 40 Beginner Class

Session 9

– Present Sample Class Outline for 40 Minute Beginner Class

– Pilates Anatomy Breath and Movement Review

Session 10

– Intermediate Supine Series

Session 11

– Intermediate Side Leg Series

– Prepare a Sample Class Outline for 40 Minute Beginner/Intermediate Class

Session 12

– Present a Sample Class Outline for 40 Minute Beginner/Intermediate Class

– Intermediate Prone Series

Session 13

– Intermediate Seated

Session 14

– Prepare a Sample Class Outline for 50-60 Beginner/Intermediate Class

Session 15

– Plank

– Present a Sample Class Outline for 50-60 Minute Intermediate Class

Session 16

– Intermediate Transition Exercises

Session 17

– Stretching

– Prepare a Sample Class Outline for 50-60 Intermediate Class

Session 18

– Present a Sample Class Outline for 50-60 Minute Intermediate Class

Session 19

– Review for Exam

Session 20

– 55 Minute Class Presentation

– Present 10 Class Outlines

Student Experience

Having experience as a student in different Pilates classes will help you develop empathy and improve your teaching style.

When you practice the movements while having another teacher correct your alignment, you really get to experience the full benefits.

To become certified, you are required to:

Complete 40-hours of classes as a student, with a certified Pilates Teacher in your area.  It could be private sessions or group classes.


Through observing different pilates classes and teachers, you can better understand the flow of a class, the different teaching styles and make mental connections to the questions you may be asking yourself when going through your reading material.

To become certified, you are required to:

Complete 30 hours of observing sessions taught by a variety of Pilates Teachers in studios or online.

Teaching Practical

The only way to fully understand a concept is if you can teach it to someone else. It is easy to understand something mentally, but if you can’t explain it, you don’t fully understand it. This practice will challenge and strengthen everything you’ve learned to help you become a great Pilates Teacher.

To become certified, you are required to:

Complete 120 hours instructing. Your instructing may include apprenticeship, family members, fellow students, friends or clients. 

Final Exam & Case Study

What's included in the final exam?

It’s a closed book exam written in-person (or video-conference) with a proctor (Marie). You need to achieve a score over 80% to pass.

The exam will consists of:

  • Multiple choice
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Matching terminology
  • Anatomy identification

It will test your knowledge on all the information found in the Mat Pilates Teacher
Training Textbook. It may take you approximately 2-3 hours to complete however you are not required to finish within a specified time limit.

How do I complete my case study?

You will need to find a real client to base your case study on. It could be a family member or friend.

You will need to submit the following:

  • Completed registration questionnaire that includes current/past injuries/ailments as well as your client’s goals.
  • A written class outline that includes goals and objectives.
  • A 50-minute video of you performing your class outline. You can also choose to perform your class outline in-person with Marie.

More details and instruction will be provided during the 1-on-1 sessions after you register.

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