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Bliss Wellness Awaits You With An
Exclusive Wellness Retreat

Step into the culture rich beauty of Benahavis, Spain where epic flavours ignite your palette and soothe your soul. On Bliss Wellness retreats we will introduce you to learning which foods serve your body for ultimate function. Marie Hayden shares her journey of being a sickly child misdiagnosed and over prescribed antibiotics for what Dr’s thought was strep throat and bronchitis. Learn how Marie overcame her childhood illnesses and worked her way back to a stronger immune system and never an antibiotic again for her or her children. As we delve into foods that serve you we will also provide the opportunity to have yourself tested for food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies and heavy metals. Are you intrigued?

Aside from our amazing thought provoking wellness workshops we will also be starting our day by reducing the stress hormone of cortisol. Fight or flight. This is adrenal stress that can be lowered easily by starting your day with movement. Join us for Pilates for all levels. Newbies welcome. Each evening will wind down with Restorative Yoga to calm the monkey mind and assist you to drift into a deep relaxing sleep.

During your Stay Experience our ReNEWU Wellness Series

ReSET Cortisol while experiencing Bliss during our Calming ReSTORATIVE Yoga Sessions. ReBALANCE your Hormones as your Adrenal Glands ReCHARGE.

Experience the re-energizing benefits of Therapeutic Treatments, Pilates and Restorative Yoga on a Holistic Retreat to various breathtaking destinations. Reach peace of mind as we guide you through a series of ReNEWU Workshops in ten 10 different areas of importance for outstanding success:

  • Reset your Goals
  • Receive Clarity
  • Recharge your Energy
  • Relearn what is Necessary for Ultimate Health
  • Reclaim your Productivity
  • Restore your Influence
  • Reconstruct your Courage
We are all about RENEWAL.


Retreat host~ Marie is a dynamic Health/ Wellness Leader joining her love for Travel, Wellness and Delicious Food to bring you Bliss Retreats. Her goal is to show you how to live a Balanced Life in all areas to create a life of Abundance and Success.

Shawn~Osteopath, Postural Specialist, Fascia Release, and Healer. Specializing in CHronic pain, Bringing your body in to harmony through manual therapy that focuses on the body’s health by treating and strengthening the musculosketletal framework, which includes bones, muscles fascia and connective tissues.

what is included in our creating balance wellness retreats

Morning Pilates

2-3 Meals Free from Gluten/Grains/Dairy/Soy/Legumes/Sugar

Osteopath Treatments

Foot/Neck Release

Food Intolerance Testing

ReNEWU Workshop Series

Follow Up Health Coaching

Evening Restorative Yoga

Not included: Flights, Travel Insurance, Transfers

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