The Dangers Of Soy

Marie Hayden


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There are 3 substances found in soy that are best to be avoided.

1. Goitrogens 

Compounds that inhibit the thyroid’s ability to utilize iodine correctly which could lead to hypothyroid problems. 

2. Protease Inhibitors (Trypsin Inhibitors)

These toxins block the action of enzymes that have the responsibility of digesting certain proteins, but it can also lead to a host of other problems.

3. Plant Estrogens (Isoflavones) 

They raise your estrogen levels and therefore lower your testosterone levels.

Is Soy Causing Thyroid Problems?

Thyroid problems are so prevalent today, especially for women. It has almost become normal to have thyroid problems. The worst part is many thyroid cases remain undiagnosed by medical doctors.

When you have an underperforming thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), your whole metabolism slows down. 

Common Symptoms

• Feel cold all the time

• Low energy

• Weakened immune system

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts can also have negative effects for people struggling with thyroid problems.  This is due to their high levels of goitrogens.

By cooking cruciferous vegetables, you will reduce the negative effects of the goitrogens. No matter how much you cook soy, the negative effects of goitrogens remain the same. It’s recommended for people with a hypothyroid conditions to consume no more than ½ cup of cruciferous vegetables a day.

How Plant Estrogens Affect Men & Women

Our hormones are usually in competition with each other. When you have more of one hormone, you have less of another. An imbalance of estrogen levels has devastating effects for men and women as well as children and newborns.


Improper balance of testosterone to estrogen in men can lead to:

• Lower libido

• Fat accumulation around the waist 

• Loss of energy

• Decrease stamina and virility 

• Man boobs (gynecomastia)


Having abnormally high levels of estrogen doesn’t mean you’ll be more of a woman. It could mean negative symptoms like:

• Menstrual pain and irregularity

• Fertility complications

• Higher risk for breast cancer

Don’t Give Birth Control Pills To Your Newborn

The amount of soy in some formula preparations could be the equivalent of consuming 5 birth control pills per day in terms of the plant-estrogens that are being consumed. A baby boy needs to have testosterone and other hormones in a balanced ratio to properly develop his sexual traits.

Too much estrogen for a baby boy can cause:

• Failure to thrive

• Underdeveloped testicles 

• Puberty complications like gynecomastia

• Lack of facial hair and emasculation

Negative Environmental Effects From Soy

• One of the most destructive mono crops globally

• Robbing the soil of nutrients without giving back

• Consistently soaked in pesticides

• All genetically modified with the exception of certified organic

A lot of the soybeans grown are fed to livestock, who get sick eating it. If you think you are safe avoiding soy-products in the grocery store, make sure it hasn’t been snuck into the meat and animal products you also consume. As long as you stay away from factory-farmed animals and stick to certified organic, you will be, for the most part, safe.

Why You Should Care About Monsanto

Monsanto produces about 90% of all soybean seeds sold in the U.S.A.

Monsanto is notorious for suing any farmer who let their soy crops cross-pollinate with Monsanto’s patented GMO crops. Cross-pollination used to be the way plants reproduced, now it’s illegal! This usually happens within a 5km radius of any Monsanto crop, which is the distance bees travel to collect pollen. All Monsanto needs to do is have someone grow their patented GMO crops every 5 km to have a national or global monopoly. 

This situation should actually be the opposite where small farmers sue Monsanto for infecting their crops, but Monsanto has now mastered their corporate structure and has successfully covered up any vulnerabilities. 

Monsanto also has strong political power due to the lobbying they do within federal organizations like the USDA – United States Dietary Association.

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