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The Mat Work Teacher Training Course is considered the «crown jewel» of Pilates. It is the essence of the system, without which a great void would exist.

The MWTTC provides a thorough education in the Mat Work and its infinite applications. In addition to being the foundation on which all else is based, it is also the perfect springboard to the CTTC.

BASI Pilates teacher training mat course 2023

Zen Rocks is a place of beauty, community, and dedication to a deep practice for personal healing and global transformation.

Set against the dramatic expanse of the Mediterranean sea, this heavenly corner of the earth is beckoning us on a unique journey of personal growth.

Through mindfulness meditation and somatic practices such as yoga, Pilates, walking, trekking, swimming, sea diving, and working with the earth, we are invited to re-connect with our essential nature, rest, restore, and meet the most positive creative version of ourselves again.

Marie Hayden Pilates Teacher Training in Greece. This 116-hour Mat Pilates Teacher Training course will prepare you to teach classes of all levels. It is the ideal first step to starting a career with Pilates.

Through 30 hours of Student Experience you will understand the mind muscle connection in each exercise, resulting in a more effective ability to teach.

20 hours of Teaching Practical will help you integrate Theory, Teacher Observation and Student Experience together so that you can practice using all these skills and build your own teaching style.

You will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Proper Alignment – Finding a neutral position with the spine through each exercise prevents injury and builds strength.     
  • Breath – Breathing requires a combination of voluntary and involuntary muscle patterns that needs to be studied in order to successfully facilitate a Pilates class.   
  • Human Anatomy – Determining exactly which muscles are working is the key to achieving precision with each movement.
  • Special Conditions – Contraindications and Pilates Terminology.

Upon completion of the program, you will be qualified to:

  • Work according to the foundations of Pilates and introduce them to clients and students
  • Create safe and effective Mat Pilates classes that are customized to meet the needs of individuals and groups​
  • Market yourself as a Mat Pilates Teacher or Instructor
  • Modify any exercises for any skill level


At least 20 hours of pilates experience in any form.

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